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12:18pm 27/08/2006
  Hey all!
I'm new here!
I'm looking for peeps to ride with, DH FR in the North East Ohio area!
DIY Pedal-Powered Hovercraft! 
10:13am 05/10/2005
  I thought that this looked pretty nifty. :)  
Critical Mass? 
03:38pm 29/07/2005
  Hey, do any of you go to Critical Mass http://www.torontocranks.com/ ? I was going to go for the first time tonight. Do you know if it's rain or shine?  
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The Bikamper 
09:33am 06/07/2005
  Feel like going on a long biking trek but don't want to pay for hotel stays on route? Check out the Bikamper, a single-person tent that uses your bike for part of its structure.

I wish they'd included photos of it folded up, though. I would have to assume it collapses to something that would attach to your bike. I also wonder how stable this thing is in wind. I mean, my rear wheel and my front forks doesn't exactly make for a triangle of structural power. Still, it's pretty nifty!
06:48am 23/06/2005
  What's going on with this community lately?
I didn't even see anyone post anything about Ride For Heart this year, when last year it was a big hoo-ha. :P
Obviously I wasn't able to do the ride this year being that I'm 5 hours from Toronto and 3 months preggo. Next year it is on my list for sure! Hopefully the 75km if I can get back into shape on time!
I'm also wanting to do a 1 day adventure race next fall if I'm up for it (run, bike, paddle).

What are you people up to? Anyone do the RFH this year??
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03:01am 15/06/2005
  hi all
sometime between 11:30 pm and 2 am somebody walked into my house, and took off with my ride. 49cm gold alpha "mercury." tubes are super dinged up, only stickers remaining are the alphas on the downtube. everything stock, freewheel unused on the rear hub. red cateye light strapped to the seat post, and sigma computer wired to the front.

i am super bummed, i get everywhere on this bike.

if everyone can keep an eye out, i'd appreciate it.

statement has been filed with the police

cash reward for return of the bike.

any info can be emailed to me at natasha@ecifc.com

thanks guys

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Biking in Toronto... 
10:18am 14/05/2005

I just found this community cuz I was looking for a toronto biking community, and someone suggested this one. Don't know if this question is more appropriate for somewhere else, since it's not a mountain biking thing...

I'm moving soon to Queen E. in the Beaches, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to boot it on up to Bayview & Davisville (for getting to work - I'd rather bike than TTC, bleh). I was testing it out yesterday, and I was on a bike path where there was an intersection - it said "West to Cherry Beach, North to Queen" (anyone familiar with this??) I was wondering if going North will take me near my destination. I'm staring at the bike map trying to figure it out... I'm so bad with maps.... Is that the best way? If yes where can I get off the path up to street level near my destination? (I got quite lost yesterday, and I wasn't even trying to go all that North). If I'm reading this right, it looks like it winds a lot, and I'll want a direct (i.e. fast for when I sleep in) route... any suggestions?

Ya, that's several questions. Help with any one would be greatly appreciated -- or if you know another community I should post this instead, that would be cool too.
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Lightning dangers? 
10:00am 20/04/2005
  I was talking about how I had my bike with me today but that it was supposed to rain, and somebody on my friends list offerend me a ride home in the case that there are thunderstorms.

I was wondering: Is there a real danger involved in cycling with lightning around? I wouldn't have thought there would be. Yes, your frame is metal, but most of the time you're not grounded -- the tires are rubber and that's all that's touching the ground. (Admittedly, when waiting at lights and such, you'd be touching the ground, but is it much worse than just standing outside without a bike?) Also, even on my bike, I'm not especially tall relative to all of the other things around me in Toronto -- trees, lamp posts, etc.

Is it something I should be more concerned about?
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Becel Ride for the Heart 
04:50pm 18/04/2005
  What's up, are the "dirtydawgs" participating in the '05?  
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Kona Smoke? 
09:16am 07/04/2005
mood: confused

Does anyone here have any experience with the Kona Smoke?

I need to replace my now toast Kona Hahanna. I commute everyday, but I also like to hit the occassional trail. From what I've read, everyone is saying this is a road bike only. Is that true? Or would I be able to take it off road as well?

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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NRS AIR For Sale 
04:29pm 25/11/2004
  For sale by a friend in Toronto area - don't ask me questions, email him - foxmulder_ping@hotmail.com
~El Sid

I am selling my baby Giant NRS Air Frame... Read more...Collapse )
10:48am 10/11/2004
  Anyone selling a magnetic trainer, or know where I can get a cheap one?
I'd like one for my basement this winter.
TORONTO - Memorial for Cyclist Killed 
11:46am 02/11/2004
  One week following the death of a 69-year-old cyclist, Toronto cyclists
will ride to the site of the fatality to pay their respects to a fellow
cyclist. Flowers will be left at the site to mark the death and a period
of silent reflection will be observed.

When: Thursday, November 04 at 8:00 a.m.

Where: The Queensway and Southport

Meet: Cyclists will gather at the south entrance to Trinity Bellwoods Park
(Queen and Strachan) at 7:30 and ride to the site together. A second
rendezvous point will be the corner of Queen and Roncesvalles at 7:50 a.m.

There will be a brief ceremony of solidarity and respect at the Queensway
and Southport at 8:00 a.m.

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Article on Toronto - Bike Theft capital of North America! 
11:26am 04/10/2004
  Article from the Globe & Mail:

Thieves mightier than the pen
Who needs a Bic? The bike-heist pros use jackhammers and canned Freon


When Eric Kamphof moved to Toronto from Edmonton five years ago, he was excited about the restaurants, the nightclubs and life in the big city. Then came the realization he had moved to the bike-theft capital of North America.

Since then, as manager at Curbside Cycle on Bloor Street West, Mr. Kamphof has heard many of the tales behind the 7,000 bikes that are stolen each year in the city -- a rate that puts it ahead of even New York on a per-capita basis.
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Kryptonite U-Lock bike locks defeatable by ballpoint pen 
09:10am 16/09/2004
  This is why if you truly want to keep your bike, you will simply never lock it up outside. Check out the video clips after following the link to see how damn easy it is to do, one guy does it in like under 10 seconds!


Kryptonite U-Lock bike locks defeatable by ballpoint pen
Infoshop News | September 15, 2004

This is a heads up from Infoshop News to our many readers who own bicycles. News has been circulating today through the bike enthusiast blogs and bulletin boards about the discovery that certain kinds of bicycle U-Locks can be opened using a ball point pen. Evidently the companies that manufacture bike locks have known about this problem since the early 1990s and have done little to address this problem.

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XC Mountain Bike for Sale (not mine) 
11:09am 08/09/2004
  Last time I am reposting this, because my friend has an offer on the table, that if it doesn't get beat quick, it will be gone. Price has dropped on this now to $500 - which is well worth it if you ask me!

So, if you, or someone you know, may be interested, please email my friend directly and be sure to tell him (Stevie-B) that I (Stevie-K) sent you - he'll owe me some beers! - El Sid

PS - I helped build the bike from scratch, so I may be able to help answer any questions anyone may have

Specialized Stumpjumper

Price - $500 CAD
Email - stevie-b - stevenbon78@hotmail.com
Location - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Description - This is a solid x-country bike. It's a smaller size frame. Only reason for selling is that she's too small for me. Here are the specs: M2 metal matrix. Judy XC catridge system. XT front derailler. Avid front and rear brake. LX hubs. BRAND NEW: LX rear derailler, Onyx crank, deore shifters, LX casette. I won't ship the bike so I prefer to deal with people in the GTA. Make me an offer. Cheers
IMBA Opens Canadian Office 
09:33am 08/09/2004
  Taken from www.pinkbike.com:

Mountain biking thrives where riders have developed four things: convenient access to appealing trails, trailbuilding expertise, a positive image and political influence. To help Canadian riders in these crucial areas, the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) is opening an office this summer near Toronto.

Located in the town of Collingwood, the office is staffed by Ontario natives Mark Schmidt and Lora Woolner. Both are three-year veterans of the award-winning Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew and are widely respected for their trailbuilding and advocacy knowledge.

Founded in California in 1988, IMBA has focused on U.S. issues, but has also provided steady Canadian support. The Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew, IMBA's flagship field program, has paid regular visits to Canada for the last eight years - working in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. IMBA has helped preserve access and develop first-rate trail opportunities near cities such as Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

IMBA-supported Mountain Bike Patrols are working effectively with Canadian land managers, particularly in Ontario. IMBA Trailbuilding Schools, which present cutting-edge trail construction and maintenance instruction, have been conducted in several provinces.

Schmidt and Woolner will enhance IMBA's presence in Canada by...

* continuing to offer trail management assistance to Canadian land managers and cycling clubs;
* improving communication among Canadian mountain bike groups;
* leading the effort to develop political influence for mountain bikers at provincial and national levels;
* providing professional trail design, construction and consulting services under the auspices of the fee-based IMBA Trail Solutions program.

The Canadian office will strive to increase IMBA's individual membership in Canada and develop new partnerships with Canadian companies, both inside the bicycle industry and beyond.

IMBA executive director Tim Blumenthal said, "Mark and Lora bring great experience and enthusiasm to IMBA's expanding efforts in Canada. They developed their passion for mountain biking in Ontario, then enhanced their knowledge and expertise during far-ranging travels as Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew leaders. Now they're returning home and Canadian mountain bikers, coast to coast, will benefit."

For more details contact:
IMBA Canadian Office
PO Box 404
Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z7 Canada
canada@imba.com, direct 705-441-6901
Bike Roots project unveiled for Toronto! 
10:48am 02/09/2004
  Bike Roots is an exciting new training and leadership project for young people.

Bike Roots will engage young people in their community's food security, urban agriculture and local ecology by involving them in a youth powered cargo bike delivery business and community food production. Bike Roots youth will deliver products and services, tailored to their community's specific cultural and socio-economic realities, that promote access to affordable and healthy food - by cargo bike!

For more information:
IMBA Launches New Logo and Ad Campaign 
09:17am 19/08/2004
  The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) has unveiled a comprehensive new marketing effort that includes new logos, graphics, slogans and advertisements. It's all the product of a new partnership with award-winning advertising firm Carmichael Lynch. The goal: build a higher awareness for IMBA and recruit new members.

More info here!
An open letter to Toronto area cyclists 
11:51am 17/08/2004
mood: working
Hi! Some of you may have seen my post on toronto. I got a tip about this community and was asked to repost it here for those who don't follow toronto. I'll lj-cut it for those of you who saw it already. :)

As for introductory information, I'm currently riding a Giant Yukon (replacing an identical one stolen earlier this year). A good chunk of my riding is roads-and-city-trails, because I commute by bike, about 30km round trip (for those familiar with Toronto, from Yonge / Sheppard to Wynford / DVP -- a pretty modest ride, but at least it lets me incorporate riding into my everyday routine). I try to get out of the city when possible on weekends, and I enjoy riding near the Waterloo area with some friends out there. I've done the ride from Toronto to Waterloo once (I think it's about 145km), and I'd like to do a three-day trek to Windsor at some point either this fall or in the spring. I'm relatively new to riding, and my trail riding hasn't been that extensive yet -- mostly rail trails and fairly tame dirt trails around Waterloo. More interesting trail riding is on the list of future explorations. :)

A repost of my article in the Toronto community.Collapse )
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